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Early Bird Pelleted Chicken Manure - 15kg

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Composted chicken manure pressed into compact pellets for easy handling. Rich in organic matter and nutrients essential for healthy growth.


Available to order online for delivery.

Material is sourced entirely from NON-BATTERY farms.     The refining process involving composting, shredding, milling, pelletising and heat sterilising, conforms strictly to 1069/2009/EEC. 

Poultry or any bird manure is the most effective organic material to promote growth and health in plants. Nutrient values can be up to six times greater than other manures. The most efficient way to apply poultry manure is in PELLETED form to prevent the loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere and minimise unpleasant odours, as is the case with loose material. Applied as a base dressing to plants this product will provide a balanced source of nutrients and trace elements to ensure strong, healthy growth. A high organic matter content promotes an optimum soil environment to encourage the activities of micro-organisms and an improved soil structure for better moisture retention, drainage and aeration.

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